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      Work Smarter Not Harder This Thanksgiving

      Posted by Allison on Nov 20, 2019 3:08:22 PM
      Thanksgiving Post

      Thanksgiving is right around the corner; this is not a drill! We all know that Thanksgiving is a time for friends, family and food. However, being the host can sometimes feel a little stressful. From trying to prep for the day, plan all of the dishes – all requiring different cook times – limited oven space, a house to clean and keeping everyone entertained, turkey day can feel like an overwhelming project.

      Although the day is worth all the time and energy, we have some ways for you to work smarter not harder this Thanksgiving. How? Through smart home automation! It’s time we give some thanks for smart home products that can make your holiday season easier. Here are just a few ways popular smart home devices can help you pull off the perfect Thanksgiving day feast!

      1. Shopping - Your Google Nest Home Hub can act as your very own shopping assistant. As you start to plan out your Thanksgiving feast, ask Google to keep track of the items you need to buy for the day. You can create a Thanksgiving shopping list and then ask Alexa to add to your Thanksgiving shopping list when ingredients pop into your head. You can even order some of the things you need right from the kitchen.

      BONUS: This year, Amazon Prime members can pick up an organic whole turkey for $2.99 a pound and whole turkeys for $1.99 a pound, while supplies last. You can also order other Amazon products and produce through your Google Home Max and send it to your door with free shipping. 

      2. A Sous-Chef - As you begin to cook your Thanksgiving dishes and sides, you can make your life simpler with a Google Nest Home Hub. Just pull up your favorite recipes and your Google can walk you through step by step. You no longer have to open a cookbook on limited kitchen counter space.

      3. Timers – As I mentioned earlier, every dish, side and entrée seems to have its own cook time. This can be confusing and may cause your grandma’s famous cheesy potatoes to become grandma’s famously burnt cheesy potatoes. Your Google Nest Home Hub comes in handy once again, this time to keep track of multiple timers for you! Just say, “Hey Google, set a timer for 20 minutes.” When the cousins arrive, the house will be smelling good & the potatoes will still be a hit.

      4. Climate control – Realistically, you can’t make everyone happy but you can come close by keeping the temperature just right. With a Nest Thermostat, you can control the temperature right from your phone. If the kitchen is warming things up, you can cool it down with your Nest Thermostat and heat it right back up again when dinner is over.

      5. Right lighting – You worked hard on your decorations this year, it’s time to show them off. With a Tp Link Smart Mini Plug you can control the holiday lights right from your phone. With smart plugs, you can also do things like turn on your coffee maker right before dessert without ever getting up from the table. Just ask Google or Alexa to turn on your coffee maker or control it from your phone!

      6. Protect your home – If the turkey does start to burn this year, don't panic! A Nest Protect Smoke Alarm will help to keep your family safe. If the Nest Protect alarm does start to go off, you can simply turn it off from your phone. You no longer have to wave a towel in front of the detector. 

      Did you know the Nest Protect also acts as a CO2 detector? This will keep your family safe year round, not just on Thanksgiving. 

      7. Set the mood – Every successful gathering has music to set the mood. With  Sonos Speakers, you can ask Google to play the songs you want or choose a playlist that fits the mood. Sonos speakers are Wi-Fi enabled and are able to link up with multiple speakers throughout your home to play the same music (great for a surround sound system). You can also play different music throughout each speaker just in case the kids want to listen to their favorite Disney soundtrack in the family room while the parents want to listen to some throwback jams in the kitchen. 

      8. Last-minute cleanup – Everyone knows the last hour before the party begins, you will be running around trying to clean up while simultaneously trying to get ready for your guests to arrive. This year, set the Roomba an hour before people show up so you have some time to get yourself ready for the day. It saves you time and your home will be perfectly swept! And after the party is over, your Roomba can quickly clean the floors, cutting down the clean up time. 

      9. Meet guests at the door - Get notifications when your guests are arriving and be ready to greet them at the door. A Nest Hello will send you an alert and show you who is at your door! If you pair the Nest Hello with a Yale Lock, you can even let them in without even leaving the kitchen!

      Plus, if you ordered groceries through the Google Home Max, you will be notified when the packages arrive!

      10. Entertainment - Thanksgiving day is filled with yummy treats and lots of homemade food. The kids will be hyped up on sugar and everyone else will be stuffed with extra calories. A great way to burn off some of that energy is to play Beat Saber with an Oculus Quest. This will keep the kiddos entertained and it's perfect for some after dinner fun!

      Ready to turn your home into a smart home? You can browse our wide selection of smart home devices on When you're ready to purchase them, visit any Cincinnati Bell retail store. Cincinnati Bell customers can also take advantage of our installment billing option, which allows you to pay for these devices over any length of time up to 24 months. 

      If you do decide to add some of these devices in your home, be sure to add Premier to your Fioptics service to eliminate Wi-Fi deadspots and get 24/7 dedicated support for all devices connected to your home network. 

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