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      Best Super Bowl Commercials for 2019

      Posted by Allison on Feb 4, 2019 5:15:00 PM

      “Okurrrrrt” It’s the day after the Super Bowl LIII and by now you should know the New England Patriots beat the L.A. Rams at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. You should also know that the game was not the most exciting and it was actually the lowest scoring Super Bowl game in history. The halftime show featured Maroon 5, Travis Scott, and SpongeBob SquarePants. That’s right. SpongeBob. Many fans begged to have the song “Sweet Victory” featured after SpongeBob’s creator/animator Stephen Hillenburg, passed away last year. SpongeBob did make a small cameo right before Travis Scott’s performance. The game finished with the Patriots winning and Tom Brady taking home another Super Bowl victory.

      Now that we touched on the highlights of the game, it’s time to dive into my favorite part: the best 2019 Super Bowl commercials! If I am being honest Lil Jon and Cardi B stole the night, ok? “OHKAY”.

      NFL 100: This commercial was by far all the football fans favorite! The commercial starts off at a black tie dinner to celebrate the upcoming 100th season and it quickly turns into a football frenzy. Marshawn Lynch leans over to snag a piece of icing off the cake when suddenly the golden football that was perfectly placed on top, falls to the ground. Soon everyone is running around, tackling, passing and playing together. The NFL ad features people like Tom Brady, Jim Brown, Sam Gordon, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, Beth Mowins, and Sarah Thomas.


      Walmart: Walmart started the night off strong with their highlight of the new grocery Pick Up system. The commercial featured all the iconic cars from Hollywood including the Scooby Doo van, Ghost Busters van, the Bat-mobile, the Jurassic Park jeep, the Flintstones stone car, Cinderella’s pumpkin, the Dumb and Dumber van, Bumblebee from Transformers, and the Back to the Future flying car. I don’t think it could have got much cooler than that. Enjoy:


      Bumble: YES! Leave it to Serena Williams to make women feel empowered everywhere. Although we didn’t exactly know what the commercial was promoting at first, Serena made it clear that women “don’t wait to be given power, we already have it”. At the end, Bumble’s logo appears and we realize that women do have the power when it comes to work, love, and life.


      Hyundai: Jason Bateman acts as an elevator operator to get people where they need to go and sometimes where they don’t want to go. The elevator stops on all the floors everyone hates like “Jury Duty”, “Middle Seat”, “Vegan Dinner Party”, “The Talk”, and “Car Shopping”. When Jason says it’s time to get off, the couple says they are actually getting a Hyundai off Shopper Assurance and the elevator begins to go up.


      Pepsi: Steve Carell, Cardi B, Lil Jon all in one commercial? Weird? Surprisingly no. It worked! Pepsi more than just okay/okurrrrt/OHKAY.


      Audi: The commercial shows a moment where a man and his Grandpa reunited. The Grandpa says he has something for his grandson and gives him an Audi e-tron. As it turns out, the guy was actually choking on a cashew and was only dreaming of the car. We have mixed feelings about this commercial because of the implications that an Audi e-tron is only attainable after you die. Either way, it’s a pretty funny commercial. Did anyone else catch at the end that 1/3rd of Audi cars will be electrified in 2025? Nice.


      Google: Of course Google had a really heartwarming commercial reminding us that the world isn’t all bad. The commercial is highlighting Google translate showing us that you are able to translate any words, even words on signs. It’s really sweet knowing the top three translated words are “How are you?”, “Thank you”, and “I love you”.


      Google: Google also had a second heartwarming commercial where the other 93% of American learned there are specific codes to label veterans. Google announced that we are now able to use these codes to help find veterans employment. It was a very powerful commercial and really made us thankful for the 7% of America that risk their lives to keep us safe every day.


      Mercedes: I am not a huge fan of car commercials but this one was pretty awesome. The protagonist in this commercial begins to command the world around him to do what he wants it to do and to our surprise it listens. He commands the stop light to “change color”, the opera singer to “change the music”, to “find the cat”, and to “free Willy”. At the end of the commercial, he commands his car to change color, make it cooler, and play my music. The tag line is “If only everything in life listen to you”. Pretty clever. We see what you did there.


      The Twilight Zone: HECK YES! I mean what else can I say about this commercial? It was pretty confusing at first because fans actually thought the game was having technical difficulties and that CBS was shut down but it turned out to be Jordan Peele promoting his new CBS All Access remake of The Twilight Zone. Who else will be binging as soon as this comes out?



      Stella Artois: Sarah Jessica Parker and Jeff Bridges reprise some of their most iconic roles in this beer ad. Known for her bold fashion choices and for having a cosmopolitan in her hand, SJP turns up touting her best Carrie Bradshaw look. Instead of ordering her typical cosmo, she shocks the restaurant (proceeding to cause a domino effect of panicked waiters) by ordering a Stella Atrois instead. As she receives her beer, Jeff Brides saunters in rocking a scruffy, baggy sweater and sunglasses look, just like The Dude in "The Big Lebowski". He too skips over ordering his typical drink, in this case a vodka-Kahlua-cream for a Stella Artois. To really hit home the theme of trying something new, The Most Interesting Man in the World, of Dos Equis fame, is sitting at the bar drinking a Stella as well.


      Bud light & Game of Thrones: Throughout the whole night there was a string of multiple Bud light commercials all promoting their absence of Corn Syrup in their beer. The third commercial began with a jousting match where the Bud Knight was going to tap the keg and enjoy this seemingly fun event. In the middle of the match, The Mountain from Game of Throne appears and the GOT fans were shocked (since the last time they saw him, he was half-dead). He defeated the Bud Knight and soon after the shadow of the dragon appeared overhead. The music began to build and Game of Thrones fans finally received the teaser they have been patiently waiting for. Although it’s not the trailer Game of Throne fans were expecting, the clip gave us chills as we wait in anticipation for the final season. The fans in our office enjoyed it none the less!


      Bubly: Our thoughts on this commercial was that it was simple but cute. Throughout the commercial, Michael Buble was pronouncing the Bubly drink like his last name. Characters like “Da-ve” try to correct him but he knows how it’s pronounced, just watch:


      Microsoft: Microsoft definitely pulled on the heartstrings with its announcement of Xbox Adaptive Controllers for kids with limited mobility who play video games. We love it!


      Amazon Alexa: Not everything makes the cut but this Alexa commercial sure did!


      Olay: This scary movie themed commercial made Sarah Michelle Gellar run for her life from a guy in a mask. She tries to call for help but her phone’s face recognition isn’t working. We soon realize it’s because of the Olay she has been using drastically changed her face. What would you sacrifice for #Killerskin?


      Worst Commercials: The worst commercials include the Mint Mobile one about chunky milk (gross), the Spiked Seltzer water with mermaids and talking sharks, the Colgate commercial about being too close, and the commercial for Head and Shoulders (or was it for KC Weddings to go?). It was confusing all around. 

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