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      Top Time-Saving Apps for Families

      Posted by Allison on Jan 30, 2019 12:30:00 PM

      Time is something we always want and need more of throughout the day. With a busy schedule, a full-time job, a family, all of your interests, distractions, and a million other little things, it’s hard to find extra time when you need it. Even just a few minutes can make a big difference. To try to make some extra time in my busy schedule, I use apps to keep my life simple and my day easy to manage. Whether you are looking for an app to help you save time on your morning commute, or an app to sync your connected home devices together, there is something for everyone.

      I don’t want to waste your time (pun intended) so we will get right to it. Here are 18 apps that will save you the time you deserve!

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      Golden Globes 2018 - Watch the Winners

      Posted by Brianna on Jan 9, 2018 10:45:49 AM

      So it begins, award season. Movies, music, TV, sports - all sorts of awards. Stars come out to walk the red carpets and we all gush over the best and worst fashions.

      More important than fashion, though, is why the stars are there. Films, television shows, music, all sorts of different art; these awards ceremonies represent the best of the best in their respective industries.

      The first award show to kick off the season is the Golden Globes. The 75th Annual Golden Globes took place on Sunday, January 7th, hosted by Seth Myers. For three quarters of a century, the Golden Globes have been identifying the best of the best in television and film. As we currently live in a golden age of TV, there is a lot to be said for the shows nominated, and of course awarded, this year.

      Presented here are some of the big winners, along with how you can use the best TV and fastest Internet in Cincinnati through Cincinnati Bell to experience the awarded television masterpieces:

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