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      How to Speed Up My Home Wireless Network

      Posted by Alley Dornbach on Feb 5, 2019 3:15:00 PM

      Wi-Fi Speed is something that we don’t always think about until Netflix…Won’t. Stop. Buffering. Or you are trying to upload your sister’s baby pictures to the cloud. Maybe you think about it when you web browser won’t refresh your page. Whenever you think about your Wi-Fi speed, you should feel comforted knowing there is a quick fix to your small issue so you can get back to your fast and reliable speed. The first step to speeding up your home wireless network is to troubleshoot.

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      Topics: Home Wireless Network, Fast Wi-Fi, eero Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi, Maximize Wi-Fi Speed

      A Day in the Life, Living in a Connected Home

      Posted by Brianna Cloney on Sep 12, 2017 2:18:04 PM

      How do you imagine a “connected home”? Are there robots all over? Is everything chrome? Simply opening and closing the garage door from your cell phone? In this day and age, a connected home can be any combination of ideas. At Cincinnati Bell, having a “connected home” means implementing simple technology that makes everyday life easier and more efficient, something everyone can appreciate.

      The Cincinnati Bell line of connected home products can be used in conglomeration with one another or individually, allowing for personal customization within each home. With that being said, let’s take a walk through a day in the life living in a connected home with products from Cincinnati Bell.

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      Topics: Connected Home, Cincinnati Bell, Amazon Echo, eero Wi-Fi, Ring doorbell, Nest thermostat

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