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      A Connected Home - Holiday Edition

      Posted by Alley Dornbach on Dec 11, 2018 1:27:05 PM

      Just in time for Christmas, Cincinnati Bell is bringing you the ultimate connected home guide – holiday edition. These connected home devices can help you turn on the Christmas lights with your voice, fill the room with joyous carols in one easy tap, or change the ambiance of a room with just a simple command. If you aren’t sure what to get your friends and family this year for the holidays, connected home devices are a great gift. They enhance any home and add just the right amount of holiday cheer around the house.

      Stay connected this holiday season with these simple connected home commands.

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      Finding Your Perfect Holiday Playlist

      Posted by Brianna Cloney on Dec 7, 2018 1:30:00 PM

      As Buddy the Elf proclaims, “The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear!”

      What would the holiday season be without music? Even if we get slightly sick of those happy melodies that are constantly stuck in our heads by the end of the season, music truly sets the mood for the season (and real talk, you know you love it).

      Check out some of the awesome playlist options offered by a variety of streaming services, including Amazon Music, Spotify, and Pandora, that will truly put you in the holiday spirit.

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      Holiday Shopping with Cincinnati Bell

      Posted by Brianna Cloney on Dec 3, 2018 3:00:00 PM

      Holiday shopping is here; trees, lights, everything drenched in red and green. Parking lots are crazy, Christmas tunes fill every space, and the spirit of giving
      is nestled in all of our hearts.

      Many people have their Christmas shopping rounds, popping from store to store to check off their lists. This year, let Cincinnati Bell take care of some of your holiday shopping needs!

      Check out these sweet Holiday gift ideas you can find at your local Cincinnati Bell:

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      Eleven Devices to Enhance Your Home Security this Holiday Season

      Posted by Brianna Cloney on Nov 19, 2018 4:00:00 PM

      The holidays bring sweet treats, joyful music, bright lights, and very often, travel. Traveling can mean anything; be going to see family in a different city, spending hours on hours out holiday shopping, or even just going to a party for a few hours.

      Although holiday travel generally means leaving home for an extended period of time, often to visit family or friends, keeping your home secure while you’re away is important no matter how long you will be gone.

      In today’s day and age, there are a plethora of options used to keep your home secure and protected. Many of these devices are easy to install and managed through your smartphone, so they’ll always be in the palm of your hand.

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      Cooking Made Easy With Alexa

      Posted by Brianna Cloney on Nov 1, 2018 4:30:00 PM

       She can tell us the weather, who won that sports game, set timers, play that on point playlist, and answer your most random questions.

      Did you know that Alexa can help you cook too? Our friends Ryan and Alex took on the challenge of cooking with Alexa to show us how easy it is, plus some other cool things Alexa can help with along the way.

      Check it out!


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      Simple Devices for Starting Your Connected Home

      Posted by Brianna Cloney on Oct 12, 2018 12:45:49 PM

      We live in the age of “connected homes”, where many appliances can now be controlled remotely with the tap of a screen or spoken to out loud. Connected home devices can mean everything from habit-learning thermostats to Wi-Fi controlled vacuums, plus a large variety of cameras, speakers, and virtual intelligence.

      It can be pretty challenging to figure out how to start building out your connected home, especially with so many options in the market. Whether it be a dorm, apartment, or house, finding something that will fit into your lifestyle without a stressful setup is important.

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      A Day in the Life, Living in a Connected Home

      Posted by Brianna Cloney on Sep 12, 2017 2:18:04 PM

      How do you imagine a “connected home”? Are there robots all over? Is everything chrome? Simply opening and closing the garage door from your cell phone? In this day and age, a connected home can be any combination of ideas. At Cincinnati Bell, having a “connected home” means implementing simple technology that makes everyday life easier and more efficient, something everyone can appreciate.

      The Cincinnati Bell line of connected home products can be used in conglomeration with one another or individually, allowing for personal customization within each home. With that being said, let’s take a walk through a day in the life living in a connected home with products from Cincinnati Bell.

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