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      Work Smarter Not Harder This Thanksgiving

      Posted by Allison on Nov 20, 2019 3:08:22 PM

      Thanksgiving is right around the corner; this is not a drill! We all know that Thanksgiving is a time for friends, family and food. However, being the host can sometimes feel a little stressful. From trying to prep for the day, plan all of the dishes – all requiring different cook times – limited oven space, a house to clean and keeping everyone entertained, turkey day can feel like an overwhelming project.

      Although the day is worth all the time and energy, we have some ways for you to work smarter not harder this Thanksgiving. How? Through smart home automation! It’s time we give some thanks for smart home products that can make your holiday season easier. Here are just a few ways popular smart home devices can help you pull off the perfect Thanksgiving day feast!

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      Black Friday & Cyber Monday Tips

      Posted by Allison on Nov 21, 2018 1:25:11 PM

      Black Friday is coming up quick and Cyber Monday is following right behind it! It is definitely time to start planning your shopping mission. Black Friday has turned from a single day into a whole saving weekend, and Cincinnati Bell wants to guarantee you are saving the most.

      Get on top of your game with these Black Friday and Cyber Monday tips.

      Research the Deals: Black Friday starts earlier and earlier every year. Make sure you are checking the prices leading up to Black Friday to ensure you are getting the best deal. Keep an eye on the actual sale because online retailers regularly update the prices throughout the event, and sometimes offer deals before Black Friday.

      Shop Strategically: Look up all the ads (print and online) a couple days in advance. It’s important to also prioritize your shopping list to determine what you actually need to buy. Start with your high-priority items and make your way down the list. Pro tip: Pick up a newspaper on Thanksgiving morning at any grocery store or coffee shop. The Thanksgiving Day paper will include ALL of the sale ads.

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