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      How to Recognize & Prevent Phone Scams

      Posted by Allison on Aug 8, 2019 10:59:35 AM

      Phone CallThere is always a moment when your phone rings, you answer, and the call ends up being a phone scam. It seems like phone scammers always call at inappropriate times and can be very annoying. Sometimes phone scams may even look like they are someone you know and can even have the same area code as you. It has happened to all of us and can be frustrating. Although they are often tough to distinguish, there are some ways to identify them. It's important to pay close attention to calls that:

      • Request that you verify personal information (Such as your Social Security number)
      • Request that you visit a website that appears to be affiliated with Cincinnati Bell or another company.
      • Use an automated voice messaging system advising you to return their call.
      • Claims to be a computer technician with a technical support company requesting remote access to your computer.
      • Claims you have won a sweepstakes, contest, or other item of value
      • Request to verify a PIN code by phone without you having to personally update account, service or profile in person.

      If you are still having a tough time identifying these calls, here are some things you need to know about unwanted calls and how to stop them.

      Tips YOU can do to help protect yourself from nuisance calls

      Don’t answer:  Screen your calls. If you receive a call from a number you don't recognize, local or not, let it go to voicemail or send it there. If the call is important, the person on the other end will leave a message. This also gives you the option to return the call at your leisure. Scammers can also spoof caller ID to look like the calls are coming from a legitimate business or previous contact, which makes them difficult to ignore. But if you aren't expecting a call from your bank or your doctor's office, use voicemail to get more information before returning calls.

      Hang up: Once you determine that the caller is trying to sell you something or scam you by collecting personal information, hang up.

      Don’t hit any buttons: If it's a robocall, avoid speaking or pressing buttons, even if the recording instructs you to do so in order to stop receiving calls.

      Don’t confirm sensitive information: Immediately hang up on any caller asking you to confirm sensitive information such as your account number or your Social Security number. Those are details that any company with which you are in a trusted financial relationship should already have.

      Verify: If the caller claims to be from a business or service provider that you do business with or a government agency hang up and call the business, service provider or government agency on the number that you normally use to call them and verify the reason for their call.

      How to protect yourself

      Activate or add Cincinnati Bell features

      Cincinnati Bell also offers multiple phone features to assist in the effort to eliminate nuisance calls for our customers:

      Reveal: This feature intercepts calls normally marked ‘Private’, ‘Out of Area’, or ‘Unavailable’ on a Caller ID box and instructs the caller to enter their phone number. If the caller chooses not to reveal their number, or is unable to as with most telemarketers with auto-dialers, the call will never ring through to the customer. This feature is available to all customers.  In order for this service to work, the customer must also have Caller ID service activated.

      Anonymous Call Rejection: This feature permits a customer to refuse any calls from callers who block their number by using “Number privacy” and/or “Per Line Privacy”. It is activated and deactivated by the subscriber. Customers who subscribe to Caller ID (Name and Number), or Call Return will receive Anonymous Call Rejection free of charge. Customer who do not, can subscribe for a monthly fee.

      Call Block: This feature allows you to create a block list of up to six numbers. Callers will hear a recorded message. It provides customers with a way to block calls from certain numbers. Is also used primarily to block bothersome or obscene calls

      Caller ID: This feature will NOT block or eliminate nuisance calls, but will provide details on who is on the other line (As mentioned with above steps, if calls show ‘Unknown’ or ‘Private’ DO NOT ANSWER) added with Cincinnati bell reveal service, these features will require all callers to press 8 to confirm they ARE NOT a telemarketer before the call rings the called party. Most telemarketing and spoofed calls are placed using auto-dialers which will be unable to press 8 to complete the call.

      Take it a step further with Premier

      Add Premier to your bill for extra coverage, protection, security, and support. The Premier bundle includes Whole Home Wi-Fi, your wireless modem, Repair Protection and Internet Security. Here's how Premier can protect your whole house:

      Whole Home Wi-Fi: A trained technician will perform an on-site assessment of your residence, set up your router, and make sure you have Wi-Fi coverage in every room. You will also have access to 24/7 ongoing Wi-Fi Care.

      Password Manager: With Password Manager you will be able to securely store all of your passwords and credit card information using just one master password.

      Repair Protection: This protection will cover any and all non-standard wiring in your home in addition to standard wiring provided by Cincinnati Bell.

      Internet Security: Internet Security allows you to share your protection with loved ones, set up Family Rules for your children's devices, install protection on new devices, and get peace of mind when banking online

      Wireless Modem: Premier includes our Cincinnati Bell Wireless Gateway, providing optimum service and full support for the best possible experience. 

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