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Up Your Office’s IQ with IoT and Smart Office Devices

Posted by Lindsey C on Mar 10, 2020 9:31:10 AM

Connected Life StoreHow digitally savvy would you say your office is? We understand how busy things can get when you’re running a small business. So, every little bit of extra help you can get will always go a long way.

Now we’re not suggesting you head out and get every smart device you can think of. That’s just like buying a bunch of study guides that you’ll never use. There are quite of few considerations to think about when trying to boost the firing rate of your office’s synopsis. Will the layout of your office influence the effectiveness of Smart Office Devices? What are your expectations for creating a connected office? How compatible should your IoT be with each other? What connected features are most important to you and your business?

To be perfectly honest, the list of questions like these could go on and on. But before you feel like you’re getting in over your head, allow us to throw you a digital life preserver! We went ahead and built a small list of Smart Office Devices we feel every small business can benefit from. And the best part, not only are they all app-based but they’re all either offered at Cincinnati Bell or are compatible with our network!

Explore these app based Smart office devices:

  • Ring Floodlight - There is so much comfort to be had knowing at any time you can see, hear and speak to people on your property from the comfort of your phone. Shine the lights on all your blind spots, sound the siren on suspicious activity and keep any unwanted people away from your business.
  • Roomba- Make close of business easy with an iRobot Roomba. Control and schedule from your phone, even when you’re away. The Roomba creates a detailed map of your layout so it knows where it is, where it’s been, and where it needs to clean. With one less thing to do it keeps you walking into your business with a fresh start.
  • TPLink Wi-Fi Power strip – Need a smarter way to control multiple devices from anywhere with voice controls? Just plug in connecting your lights and devices allowing you to turn on/off based on your command or program specific times you set to help with your business’s energy savings.
  • Nest Security Cameras – There’s plenty to love about IoT security cameras. For starters, they’re app based, which means you can view anytime, anywhere. And it also means they’ll require a less expensive installation than traditional cameras.
  • TP Link Bulbs– Did someone accidentally leave the lights on? No worries! Internal and external smart lighting systems allow owners and managers to control lights (guess from where) – YES, right from your phone. PS, you can also monitor motion-activated lights for security purposes.
  • Sonos Speakers – Hate the idea of elevator music? Well, now you can create your very own ambient noise and music selection to create the perfect customer experience.

This list is just the beginning! Want to learn more about Smart Devices for your business and see how it can easily be added to your monthly Cincinnati Bell bill? Come in and check us at any local Cincinnati Bell Retail store location and speak to a specialist.

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