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UniCity: Becoming the next Smart City

Posted by Katie M. on Feb 5, 2021 9:45:57 AM

There has been a lot of buzz around UniCity and what it means to be a smart city.  Becoming the next Smart City is easier than you think and now is the perfect time to prioritize your next steps on getting started

This topic is particularly important to Cincinnati Bell because we believe in the power of smart city solutions and emerging technologies to address unprecedented challenges like those faced through the pandemic. Through UniCity, our objective is to leverage our robust fiber network to deliver content, visibility and analytics to municipalities through IoT and Intelligent Wi-Fi. As our cities strive to advance creativity and innovation, equity and civic engagement, smart city technologies can deliver human and virtual connectivity and engagement while also delivering real time data to measure impacts and better understand community trends and needs. We believe that the future of cities and innovation spans cities of all sizes and classes. With an eye on ethics and progress, Cincinnati Bell is working to build opportunity and solve hard problems through strategic partnerships with the UniCity approach. 

Unicity process

With all that said, you are probably asking yourself, how do I get started?
The UniCity Team is here to help you learn your landscape and design a solution to best fit your city's needs.  This consultative approach will map out a sustainable financial model to help you fund your smart city build. In 2020, many communities leveraged funding from the CARES Act to build and sustain UniCity solutions.  With additional coronavirus relief funds coming available and the extended deadline for CARES Act expenditures, it is a great time to get started!

The time is now. To learn more, connect with your UniCity specialist by filling out the form here or email

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