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Top 5 CES Small Business Trends for 2020

Posted by Lindsey C on Feb 11, 2020 2:39:31 PM

2020 is a time for technology & innovation. New and emerging technology trends have the capacity to change our lives, improving the way we live, work and even do business.

Our Cincinnati Bell team recently attended the CES Conference, an annual trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association, where we got an inside look at the emerging technology for the upcoming year.


As a leader in the tech industry, Cincinnati Bell Business is always on top of the best & most innovative tech trends. Many of these trends are what every small business should be leveraging in their business.

Here are the top business solution trends we are excited about and wanted to share with you:

1 IoT/ Smart devices can make your business digitally savvy with the latest in Smart Office technology.  Connected devices such as Google Assistant, Sonos Speaker, Nest Thermostat, Nest Doorbell and much more.  Our lineup of devices can be explored at any Cincinnati Bell retail store.  To keep things easy, we offer zero down financing and installment billing to your existing Cincinnati Bell account. Find a Cincinnati Bell retail store location that is near you.


Marketing your business is important but marketing your business to the right audience is even more important. Intelligent Wi-Fi provides an enhanced package that allows businesses to gather operational intelligence on customer behaviors, deliver smart targeted advertisements, and drive customer loyalty with exclusive offers. See how Intelligent Wi-Fi can boost your business.

3 Speaking of content, stories and live streams are huge in the social media world. Consumers are taking in more content than ever. Cincinnati Bell Business has a Connect Cincinnati Team that can be your partner to help provide mobile marketing content for your business.  Another great opportunity to showcase your business on multiple social media platforms is our Small Business of the Month Award, which allows your business to take advantage of our followers and large audience. Become our next small business of the month!

4Traditional brick-and-mortar businesses are adapting to e-commerce.  Cincinnati Bell Business just launched our Marketplace, an e-commerce portal offering a lineup of new solutions such as the Microsoft Office 365 suite and eCom Fax. The Marketplace provides the ability to shop, order and manage your services on your own with instant changes. Check out our Marketplace and the services that we can offer your business. 

5 Smart City was a huge topic at the CES conference highlighting advancements that are expected to make everyday life more efficient.  The Smart City market is expected to grow to over $158 billion in 2022. Cincinnati Bell Business has a Smart City team dedicated to bringing these concepts to life and has implemented a variety of Smart City initiatives. Explore more about Smart City. 


Complete the form below to learn how to take advantage of the small business trends. All of these trends require businesses to pay close attention to their current needs and what is best for their business. A business specialist will reach out to you to get started.

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