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How Cincinnati Bell Helped An Ad Agency Get Smart(er)

Posted by Nicole H. on Feb 25, 2020 2:49:00 PM

Agency life is just, different. At any given moment, you might see a copywriter or art director in the wild, riding a bike or skateboard while simultaneously chatting about their next deadline. If you were to stop by for a visit or to say hello, you could be greeted by the President or possibly a German Shepard.” You just never know. This and other things like agency wide meetings with tacos and the occasional Ping-Pong championship bracket all makes advertising life – unique. But what makes advertising very similar to other businesses is their need for reliable technology and Internet.

Curiosity-Collaboration Space

We’ll give you the perfect example. Take Curiosity Advertising, located in downtown Cincinnati. As you’d expect from the name, they’re a curious folk. Which is another way of saying they need to be constantly connected. A typical week for them involves an exorbitant amount of deadlines, creating presentations, hours of web research, uploading ginormous files and the occasional Netflix movie. That’s pretty much the norm. So, when Curiosity came to us for their Internet needs, we knew they had a hefty appetite for bandwidth.

With Curiosity being a fast-paced, innovative company that is always staying up to date with online trends, we had a hunch they would be interested in Internet. Here’s what they had to say:

“You can’t go wrong with Cincinnati Bell’s Fiber Network. Actually, to say it’s reliable would be an understatement. We are completely comfortable relying on its connection 24/7. And the high speed, it’s critical in our line of work. No one else comes close to what Cincinnati Bell provides for our team.” - Trey Harness, President and CCO

In addition to Internet, we also equipped Curiosity with Fioptics TV. We know their office isn’t the most conventional work-space, so the ability to entertain clients or employees at any given moment comes in handy. Considering they also work with brands from all over, Audio Conferencing was a smart addition. Curiosity is constantly having privileged calls with clients to go over specialized projects, so security is a must. And it doesn’t hurt that it also comes with toll-free dialing, call recording and playback providing a great, added benefit.

Curiosity has relied on our services for 10 years, and growing. As their needs have changed, so have our product offerings. It’s a win-win partnership and we are proud to say that our connection is stronger than ever.

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