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Why Fiber will give your business the boost it needs

Posted by Joe R on Mar 29, 2021 11:33:36 AM
It’s no secret — fiber technology is the future of communications and a tool to keep us all connected. A key element to running a successful and smooth business is making sure that you are powered with the best and latest technology. It's important to have the power of fiber connecting your business with reliable bandwidth and the fastest speeds. No business has any time to go slow - you have to keep up- Well, you're in luck. Fiber is here to give your business a boost and future-proof your technology at the same time.

Why Fiber?
When it comes to high-speed business Internet, fiber has many advantages.
Secure and future-proofed. Because of its superior infrastructure, fiber offers the best compatibility with security devices to keep your business protected. And because it’s the only infrastructure with the capacity to grow into the future, that means you won’t have to transition from a legacy network as technology continues to advance. 

Exponentially more download bandwidth. Businesses looking for high-speed business bundles will find the best options in fiber. Your Internet speed depends on how much data the infrastructure can handle, and a fiber-optic cable has approximately 10,000 times more bandwidth than a traditional copper cable. That’s because fiber transfers data via pulses of light along glass fibers. Light is faster than electrical pulses, so the fiber can transmit much more data per second. That’s fast. 

Faster upload speeds. Over the past nine months, we’ve seen firsthand the importance of upload speeds. Videoconferencing applications like  WebEx and Microsoft Teams, plus programs requiring large file uploads, all rely on upstream bandwidth. Copper lines are limited in the traffic they can carry, which means providers allot the majority of the bandwidth to download streams. Good news, that is not the case with Cincinnati Bell’s fiber network.  They provide upload speeds up to seven times faster than its major competitor, which operates on a legacy network.

Experience the Difference 
With so many options available, Cincinnati Bell’s cutting-edge fiber technology provides you with not only the fastest, most reliable Internet connection but also virtual solutions and collaboration features to set you up for complete success to work from anywhere. 

Take a Deep Dive:

  • Fioptics Fiber Standard Internet – Fast, reliable connection with speeds up to 1 Gig
  • Advanced Internet – Includes 5-hour Rapid Repair, Premium Technical Support, Wirecare, and Wireless Gateway
  • Max Internet- Includes Advanced Internet features, Marketing Wi-Fi Intelligence, and a Static IP
  • Dedicated Internet – Bandwidth up to 100 Gbps with a Service Level Agreement and symmetrical connection
  • VoIP Technology -  Unified Communications as a service – A fully hosted Cloud-based voice solution
  • WebEx – Cloud-based collaboration tool that allows virtual meetings, video conferencing, chat, calling, and more
  • Microsoft Teams –Collaboration tool in Office 365, that helps your team stay organized, chat, hold virtual meetings and share files

Switching is Easy! Your business is only as good as its communications, so why not upgrade to the power of Fiber and give your business the boost it deserves with the latest technology. To learn more about how Cincinnati Bell can help take your business to the next level, visit 

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