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      5 smart home devices that will make your life a little easier

      Posted by Steve B. on Feb 19, 2020 1:27:24 PM

      Today, everything in your home, from your TV to your toaster, can be “smart.”

      Smart devices have become so ubiquitous, that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the options (who needs a smart toilet paper dispenser anyway?). But, with 69% of U.S. households already equipped with at least one smart home device, and smart home sales expected to grow at double-digit rates annually for the next several years, it’s safe to assume that if you haven’t already purchased a smart home device, you probably will soon.

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      Topics: Technology, Smart Home

      Our Top 10 Blog Posts of 2019

      Posted by Steve B. on Dec 18, 2019 9:22:58 AM

      Like many of you, we are excited for 2020 and the promise of a new year and decade. We have a lot of great new content in store for you over the next 12 months, but before we dive headlong into the new year, here's a look at our 10 most read blogs from the past year. 

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      Topics: Streaming, TV, Internet, Security, Community, Technology, Smart Home

      20 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays with your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa

      Posted by Steve B. on Dec 17, 2019 3:12:38 PM

      Everybody knows the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear, but not everyone knows the second best way to spread Christmas cheer (or any holiday cheer, really) is to enlist the help of your virtual assistant. 

      Whether you are looking to check up on Santa Claus before the big day or light the next candle on your menorah, all you have to do is ask your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, sit back, relax and enjoy.

      Below we have compiled 20 holiday-themed commands for both systems sure to add a little magic to your holidays.  

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      Topics: Smart Home

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